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Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.

Event delegates and exception handling

Delegates This blog post will focus on handling exceptions thrown by event delegates. But first we will briefly discuss what a delegate is. If you know C or C++ it is natural to think of delegates as function pointers. Why … Continue reading

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Trying out Windows Azure Storage

I am part of the team behind a set of web pages at where you can search for voice talents (people speaking in commercials, narrating documentaries etc.) One of the features of these sites, is that you get to listen … Continue reading

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The #DevReach .Net conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is the second year in a row, I attended the DevReach conference. Last year I got an invite from Telerik, because I used some Telerik Silverlight components – this made me eligible for a discount. This year I simply joined the … Continue reading

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LINQ – the order of elements when using Where()

Last week I was asked if the order of elements found using a where clause was guaranteed to be the same as the order of the original collection. That question is hard to answer. In the normal case (where nobody has overwritten … Continue reading

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LINQ and iterating over null collections.

Ok, todays title is weird, but I have come up with a little hack, that will make the code easier to read (sometimes). At work we have some pretty clear specifications, that says how to fill out some properties in … Continue reading

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LINQ and counting

When we work with collections we often have to count the elements in some way. Sometimes we need to know how many elements there are or how many elements that  complies with some  condition. So let’s assume that I have … Continue reading

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Do more, sleep more, feel better: Status after the three weeks.

Weeks two and three has been really good. I have run three times a week with one of my friends and my stamina has definitely gotten better. On the other hand, one of my goals was to go to bed … Continue reading

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Performance of Skip and Take in Linq to Objects

Note: This is not relevant for Linq to Sql or Entity framework, where Skip and Take are transalted into their SQL equivalents. This week I had to write some code where some 500.000 objects in a collection had to chopped … Continue reading

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T-SQL isolation levels

Isolation levels determines how data is read and written when the database is accessed by multiple processes. There are six isolation levels, listed below in rising order of locking. READ UNCOMMITTED or NOLOCK READ COMMITTED (default in SQL Server) REPEATABLE READ … Continue reading

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Status after the first week

As written in the original post I started monday with meditation in the train, and running and blogging in the evening. Tuesday i didn’t get up at 4:30 to do my morning exercises. I simply went to bed too late … Continue reading

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