Creating The Family Page – Part 5, User Account–Password reset

This will be a somewhat different post than I had anticipated. I turns out that the ASP.NET Identy module in VS2013 Update 1 and below does not support password reset.  In this Stack Overflow question it is stated that the they are working on it, and some workarounds are suggested. Feel free to follow any of these if needed.

I updated the ASP.NET Identity module to version 2.0 beta. This will be in VS2013 update 2.0 which will be released in a moment. I started of by trying out the new identy module in a new MVC project, so I know what to expect.

Afterwards I simply used a diff-tool (I prefer Beyond Compare) and moved the new Identity code into my project.  The new code comes with password reset out of the box, so I really got nothing to write about here.

Also the new code already supports having an email-address. Actually the email address is used as username also.

I have committed the current state of the project to github:


Since this comes out of the box, I don’t feel I have to describe it further here.

Next time we will talk about user account-roles.

About Lund

Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.
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