Creating the Family Page – Part 1, Setting the Scene

This is the first post in a series where I will create a new website for my family. While doing it I will blog about my progress. Normally I do backend stuff or LOB applications with WPF or Windows Forms. HTML, JavaScript, CSS is not unknown to me, but I am inexperienced in that area. In each post I will be making baby-steps toward a finished web site.

My current family site is used for the family members wish-lists and pictures, but it is based on a very old Umbraco version. This time I will try to create everything myself.

The (initial) target:

A web site that contains

  • A nice front page.
  • Wish-lists for each family member. Every member of the family must be able to log in and update their wish-list.
  • Pictures. It shall be possible to upload pictures (when logged in), and group them and show them by category.

The tools:

I have decided to use the following tools and frameworks:

  • BootStrap 3
  • AngularJS
  • Entity Framework 6 – Code First.
  • Hosting in Windows Azure.
  • Pictures stored in Azure Blob Storage.


This end the first part, which probably will be the only part without any code. In part 2 I will be creating the basic web site.

The course it set, but I am open to input regarding features or possible use of tools.

About Lund

Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.
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