Review of “Making Sense of NoSQL” by Dan McCreary and Ann Kelly

This is a book for manager and developers who wants the broad understanding of what NoSQL is and isn’t. As a developer that knows nothing about NoSQL, you will not be able to read this book and begin implementing a NoSQL solution. For the details of how to program against these databases you will have to look elsewhere (and the book never promises that you will be able to). You will however know and understand the different kinds of NoSQL databases and when to use which type. This is explained really good – Both with technical details and examplified with case studies.


The book is split into four parts:

The first part is an introduction to NoSQL concepts and the benefits of NoSQL. This part is a bit annoying, because it is repeatetly said that NoSQL is better and scales bettder than relational databases, but I don’t feel the author gives an explanation as to why this is true – it feels a little like the author is preaching NoSQL, and at least there is no doubt he is a fan. This is rectified plenty in the later sections, so if you are like me, just push through, and you will get to the good stuff.

The Second part is a walkthrough of the different kind of databases, bot the relational and NoSQL databases. This gives a good understanding of what each type does well and not so well.

The third part is about NoSQL solutions with discussions about scaling, search and performance of different systems with references to real world solutions.

The fourht and last part is about the use of functional programming and utilizing the parallelism of NoSQL systems, which typically have many thousand CPUs.


This is a great book to get an overview of what NoSQL is and when to apply it.

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