The #DevReach .Net conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

This is the second year in a row, I attended the DevReach conference. Last year I got an invite from Telerik, because I used some Telerik Silverlight components – this made me eligible for a discount. This year I simply joined the early bird programme. The early bird price was below 160 EUR for two days with 6 tracks including an amazing after party, where you could meet all the speakers and the other attendees that also chose to buy a VIP pass. The nearby five-star hotel was 80 EUR a night and the flight to Sofia is also quite affordable if you live in Europe. This year they also added a pre-conference day with four half-day workshop.

Does these prices mean it is a discount conference?

Granted: This is all very affordable, but I assure you there is nothing discount about this. It is a great conference with international speakers of a very high class. At the time of this writing the speaker list is still available at

Topics covered include agile, testing, architecture, mobile developement, Windows 8  development, HTML5, cloud, web – also how to make cross-platform apps, with as much shared code as possible.

I can only recommend that you follow @devreach on twitter or on Facebook, so you get notified when the registration for next years conference opens. And when it does, tell your friends! You will not regret it.

About Lund

Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.
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