Do more, sleep more, feel better: Status after the three weeks.

Weeks two and three has been really good. I have run three times a week with one of my friends and my stamina has definitely gotten better.

On the other hand, one of my goals was to go to bed at 22:00 and get up at 04:30  – I have to admit that it is simply too difficult for me to go to bed that early. And going to bed any later means getting up no earlier that 5:00, that means no morning training. So right now there is no weight training, but that’s ok, as long as all the other stuff is going so well.

I still don’t have a scale, and the fit bit I am contemplating is a bit expensive. But I feel better and better. I think I will eventually need the scale for motivation but right now the difference is easily felt.

I also have a goal of not eating cake and candy at work, and generally eating more sensible. Knowing that a ned new habit is made in 21 days really helps in convincing one self, that it can be done. I hardly think about it anymore, and the only time I have eaten cake at work, was today – I brought it myself and I was very conscious about what I did – it was kind of hard to do, but I decided to simply enjoy it.

Next week I will wrap up this experiment / change in life style.

About Lund

Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.
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