Goal: Do more, sleep more, feel better with more self dicipline.

I couple of weeks ago I bought a book “Mænd, Motion og Myter” by Torben Bremann. The title is in danish and means “Men, Exercise and Myths”. The topic is how to motivate yourself to exersize more and archieve your ideal weight through a change in life style. There are already lots and lots of books covering this topic, but most are written for women by women. This book is written for men by a man, and tries to motivate its readers by explaining things in a way, that makes sense to men –  the claim being that men and women are motivated by different things. I don’t know about women, but it works for me – I am about to try it out by changing some things in my life.

It takes 21 days to make a new habbit

The book claims that it takes 21 days to create new habbits. This knowledge should make it easier to actually sticking with the habbit, because every time you get tempted to break your new habbit, you can say to yourself: “There are only xx days left, until this is a habbit – I don’t need to ” or “I only need to do xx more days, before it is a habbit”.

The rules of my life style change, In no particular order:


I weigh about 90kg and is 174cm tall and I would over time like to reach a weight of 75kg. That will result in a BMI that is a bit over the recommended, but even when I was in the shape of my life (and won bronze in the national judo championship) my BMI was higher than recommended. The goal is for me to feel good, not to reach a certain number. Also, there is a growing acceptance that BMI is more of a guideline, than the eternal truth.
I will eat responsibly at every meal.
I will not eat candy or cake at work.
Two meals a week I will eat whatever I like.


I currently get about 5 hours of sleep every night, from 23:59 to 05:00.
Research has shown that the optimum amount of sleep i between 6.5 and 7.5 hours every night with regard to life expectancy.
I would like to change my sleep pattern to 22:00 – 04:30, which will give me 6.5 hours of sleep every night, and leave 30 minutes every morning for exercise. More sleep will help the body produce the hormones needed to loose weight, so that is also a plus.


I will run twice a week (wednesday and one weekend day) with a friend of mine, and one morning every week I will run by myself.
The mornings where I don’t run, I will do dumbell exercises.

The Daily Train Commute

I take the train to work every morning. I will start the train ride with 20 minutes of zen-meditation.
The rest of the trip I will listen to podcasts, watch Pluralsight videos or read coding related books.

On the trip home, I will take a nap if needed. This is do as you like time.


Once a week (monday) I will write a blog post, about something I have read or experienced – most blog post will be related to .NET coding. A blog post does not have to be very long, but it needs to have content, that will in some way help me. (Note that writing stuff down makes it easier to remember, so that in itself is a help). If other could benefit from my blog posts, that would be an added bonus.


Being selfemployed I have to do the books once in a while. I will set aside one evening a week for this (sunday). Most weeks there will be little to do.


I have a passion for movies and sci-fi series like X-files. Currently I watch Fringe. I will use one evening a week for this.

Side project

Besides my work I have a programming project with a couple of friends. Two evenings a week is set aside for this. (Tuesday and thursday)


Friday and saturday evenings are completely reserved for family time. The other evenings, the things that I “have to do” will start after 20:00 where the children are put to sleep.

Breaking the rules

The tasks above are all so small that no harm is done, if they are postponed until next time. That being said, here are some rules for breaking the rules:
– we have guests/are invited out, in which case the task is postponed until next time.
– If the task postponed is running, then it shall be rescheduled as soon as possible at the expense of something else.
– If there is a really great movie in TV that I haven’t seen before, I am allowed to watch it (there are far between the great movies in TV, and I love ).

Final Note

That’s a lot of rules, but in reallity they are small rules. Small things that aren’t hard to do, but often they aren’t getting done, because the TV, the Ipad and other fun stuff takes all the time. But they don’t really add that much value to every day life, so this is an attempt to bring order to the small things, to make sure they get done.

Also, because they are small things, there are still plenty of room for all the other things in my life Smiley

It takes 21 days to create a new habit. I will try the above for 28 days (4 weeks, 20 work days) and see how it works out for me. I will update this post (or write a follow up post) in the coming weeks to report on how things are progressing.

August 13th 2012 update

Today is monday, and this is the first blog post in my new life.
I was also out running this evening becausee it wasn’t possible in the weekend.

About Lund

Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.
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