Just installed VS2012 RC and get "Invalid License data. Reinstall is required"?

I installed VS2012 on top VS2011 beta on a windows 7 VM and got the above error.

I am never really happy to uninstall Visual Studio, because it contains so many components, and you never if you uninstall them in the right order. I took the chance and did this:

  1. Uninstalled VS2012 RC
  2. Uninstalled VS2011 beta – there were a lot of other stuff named something like VS2010 and VS2011, but I ignorede those. VS2012 RC and VS2011 beta were “the big ones”.
  3. Reinstalled VS2012 RC.

It complained about a failed install of some C++ library, but it seems to work anyway. I got the same error with a clean  VS2012 RC install on a clean Win8 VM. That also seems to work. Note that I haven’t done any heavy testing – just opened a couple of projects and verified, that they would build.

Disclaimer: It seems to work on my (virtual) machine.

Update: Microsoft confirms, that this can happen if the installed VS2012RC has a “lower” license level than the installed VS2011 Beta. Microsoft also confirms, that the solutions is to uninstall VS2011 beta.



About Lund

Owner of iCodeIT, a software consulting company. I am primarily working the .NET development and architecture.
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